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                                         Touring Motorglider by Distar

This state-of-the-art SLSA offers soaring pilots the best of both worlds. Its sleek light weight composite fiber design can carry two pilots and their baggage nearly 800 nm on 26 gallons of fuel...(economy cruise)  or if conditions look fantastic just hop in and let the Rotax 912 carry you to cloud base where you can shut down, feather the prop and enjoy the silent flight of soaring in this sleek 15m SLSA.


Versatility Across Pilot Ratings


The Sun Dancer is a Special-Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) and can be flown by pilots with the following ratings:

Glider Rating:

Flying the SunDancer is a glider and requires at least a student, private or commercial glider rating with a self-launch endorsement.  As a glider no tail dragger endorsement is required even if it is a tail dragger type aircraft.  

Properly equipped the SunDancer can take you to the floor of Class A airspace or higher in an open wave window, or with an ATC clearance. These gliders are often flown to the floor of Class A airspace  over Utah, Colorado and over the Nevada/California Sierra Nevada mountain range. The view from the SunDancer is breath taking.

To fly the SunDancer as a glider no medical certificate from an AME is required.

If your medical has been denied or revoked then a glider rating is the answer to renewed freedom of flight and the SunDancer motorglider will take you there. The SunDancer may look and fly like an airplane, but it is in the glider category and the requirements for glider pilot rules apply. 

Sport Pilot Rating:

Flying the SunDancer motorglider as a Sport Pilot with a current driver’s license and proper endorsements the pilot is limited to 10,000 MSL and day VFR. However, if you have been once denied a medical certificate, you cannot act as pilot in command as a Sport Pilot.   In this situation the Private Pilot would have to have a glider rating to fly only gliders. A motorized, self launch glider still falls under the glider catergory even though: "It Flys Like an Airplane but Soars Like a Bird." Joe Kulbeth airusa 

Private Pilot Rating:

A Private Pilot without a current medical and without a glider rating can fly the SunDancer motorglider using Sport Pilot privileges without restrictions to altitude and night time.  With a  private pilot or higher rating and doing a proficiency check ride arranged between two CFIGs will provide a Sport Pilot with a Sport Pilot glider rating.  This is call a Proficiency Check or a Pro-Check for short.


A Special Note: The TMGA, Touring Motor Glider Association is a valuable place to go on the web for motor glider information and to contact people who know.  It is recommended that you join if at all that you maybe interested in the flying sport and or consider purchasing a motor glider.  You will find the TMGA at www.motorgliders.org